Novels of Suspense
  By Sean Dexter

Denial of Duty

A Novel of Political Intrigue and Murder

Corrupt politicians, rogue government agents, assassinations, a nuclear capable Iran…and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Secret Service Special Agent Nick Coffelt is accused of drunkenness and dereliction of duty when the President of the United States is assassinated on his watch. He is banished in disgrace, but he knows something the rest of the world d
oesn't: He
was set up, and he intends to find out who killed his president.

The assassinated president's successor is being forced to intervene in a bloody coup in Iran. His daughter is being held hostage by high-ranking government officials in his own administration. Members of his protection detail have gone rogue. There is no one he can trust. He turns to the one man he knows could not have been part of the conspiracy: Nick Coffelt.

Using his unique, insider knowledge of White House security, Coffelt rescues the president from the White House. He and the President of the United States are on the run, pursued by legitimate law enforcement and by the conspirators.

The president will do anything to rescue his daughter, and Nick Coffelt will do anything to protect the president.